Tuesday, September 11, 2012

we're meant to be together :j

heeee .. sorry bloggy .. lme kan I ta lepak sini .. bukan ape baby .. busy sikit lately *nada gedik* hikhikhik . you know *nada beria* how much I love my roommates . they are different from others . when the time comes bila roommates aku berubah .. seriously . the feeling that I hate most come over me. seriosly aku akan menangis mcam orang gila .. haha .. huh . seriously baby . I do LOVE them . no matter what . mungkin aku ta sesempurna orang lain but aku cuba untuk jadi macam mana yang dorang inginkan . sorry buddy if aku ade sakitkan hati korang . make korang like a .. you know like a person that i never know before . I'm sorry . seriously i really mean it . And sorry if aku ade buat korang mnyampah kat aku . maybe this gonna be last time for us to be together . sapa tahu kan . If UPK got jealous with our love .. HAHAHA . just kidding
if zombies got to see us . let me to go out there first . hehehe , if I could la kan .. hahaha . till then . LESS THAN THREE .

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